Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cliché Analysis Blog: "Calling a Spade a Spade"; or Horticulture Blog #2

Although it is mildly impressive when someone is able to successfully identify a spade as being a spade, it is much more remarkable when someone correctly determines when a spade is in fact, something else. Like a shovel. What follows in an illustration, done via writing, possibly to be made into a short film at some point, but for now will remain as simply a way of establishing my point.

Gardener 1: I see a spade. It is a spade. I'm calling a spade a spade.

Gardener 2: I challenge you on that point. I say the spade is shovel.

Gardener 1: That is ridiculous. Wouldn't you have to say "That shovel is a shovel", if in fact the object we are both describing is a shovel? Besides, it is a spade.

Gardener 2: I believe in a roundabout way, you are begging the question.

Gardener 1: That statement is misguided!

Gardener 2:Either way, let's not get bogged down in semantics. That spade is a shovel, and I can prove it, but first we'll have to agree on a definition of "shovel".

Gardener 1: Well, a shovel digs, but it can also kill kittens. Which definition is more appropriate?

Gardener 2: I suggest we go with the first. A shovel digs. We will both start digging, you with a shovel, and me with this object, the object you refer to as "spade".

Gardener 1: Ok.

They dig, and it turns out Gardener 2 digs an impressive hole with the spade, thereby rendering it a shovel.

Gardener 1: I guess that spade is a shovel. You have proven me wrong once again!

Implying that the past has seen much of the same, ie. Gardener 2 has constantly proven Gardener 1 wrong in some fascinating way!

Gardener 2: So I have. Let's not dwell on it though. We have more gardening to do, as we are both gardeners.

The End.


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