Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The End

This blog is probably done for good.

There is nothing original left in my brain.

Except for this one idea for a movie, about this guy who has a time machine that allows him to travel forward in time at exactly the same rate as one would without the machine. He tries to convince people that it really is a time machine with only one speed setting, but everyone wants to apply Occam's razor to the situation, and the movie ends with him saying to himself "It seems that in this case, Occam's razor is, simply put, too sharp!"

JoeyJoJo has written a trailer for the movie, which is awesome. Here it is.


What if the world you knew…

Scene: One of those spinning shots where the guy is in the middle and everything is revolving around him.

was only slightly different than what you thought?

Scene: Shot of the hero quizzically looking at his time machine.

[/end trailer]

In case you were wondering, that was the perfect joke. That's a good way to end, thanks JoeyJoJo.

The End.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Spoonful Presents: I Never Knew That!

Nepal is the single most Hinduic nation of the world (by percentages of practicing citizens of course.)

I never knew that!

Oliver Heaviside proposed the existence of the Kennelly-Heaviside Layer of the ionosphere which bears his name.

I never knew that!

Homophobia is not a laughing matter. It really isn't.

I never knew that!

There remains no atheistic theory of verbs and adverbs. Even still, this is not a proof of God's existence.

I never knew that!

Though a 20 ton Mack truck may be on course to hit you in your Hyundai Sonata, the fact that there exists a thin yellow to his and your left, is enough reason for you to not take corrective action against what appears to be certain disaster. In fact, it's best if you don't.

I never knew that!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Guest Blog: Bad Idea #3

This one is from a regular reader, JoeyJoJo.

I'm publishing it before I even read it, I have faith in this guy.

Bad Idea #3

The set up is this: it’s several hundred years in the future, the world is all city. There are no more forests and cities are built on top of oceans. Microchips are implanted in every baby born. These chips allow you to communicate with anyone simply by thinking it. Coordinating movement has become instinctual, huge groups of people act together without contemplating why.

But there is a downside as well. Without proper discipline each and every thought can be communicated to whoever you are thinking about. The weak-minded have no privacy, no time alone and they turn to a popular new drug.

"The Flew" blocks your mind’s outputs, so you can’t communicate with others. It’s the only way for some people to survive. But the drug mutates and instead of blocking the output it is soon blocking other’s inputs.

If the world government doesn’t act fast enough, soon everyone will be infected and society will revert to a primitive age.

If this idea isn’t bad enough, let me add this: lead actor – Nicholas Cage.

Here’s the trailer.

In a world where everyone is connected…

Scene: Wide shot of a huge city, huge buildings, people everywhere. Zoom in on a man who is having a conversation in his mind with nobody in particular. Zoom in again, this time inside his brain and come back out to show a woman in a different city carrying on the other side of the conversation.

boundaries shrink…

Scene: A crowded bar, a lonely man sitting on a bar stool. A sexy woman sits down next to him. The man closes his eyes and starts muttering to himself. Zoom inside his brain and there is a shot of him and the woman sharing an intimate moment. The image is shattered and we see the woman throwing her drink in his face and slapping him.

and the only escape…

Scene: A dirty underground area. The man in the bar looks around nervously. Zoom inside his brain and we see him shooting up some kind of drug. The image is again lost and he opens his eyes to see a man standing in front of him, peddling a drug called, “the flew.” The dealer says, “Want to fly away?”

is the one thing you can’t do.

Scene: A multitude of quick-hitting shots, showing glimpses of a highly organized military police converging in the underground area, shots of the man in various locales, wide shots of entire populations moving in unison like a flock of birds, then ending by zooming out and showing the entire world, but there is no more green and blue, it is all gray, an entire world of buildings and pavement.

I also want to incorporate the idea that the entire world has become like one being. The way each part can communicate with others, we don’t have to think about what everything in our body needs to do in order to move our arm, it just all happens. That’s the basis for this bad movie idea. I want to get in that ending shot where you pull way back and get a picture of something like the space baby in 2001.
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