Monday, February 13, 2006

100 m: Summer vs. Winter

Now that the Winter Olympics have arrived, I'm getting a lot of questions in my inbox asking me that same question that is addressed every Olympic Games. How do the times in the 100 m sprint in the Summer Olympics compare with the 100 m times in the skating sprint in the Winter Olympics? I will be researching this topic today, and I will publish the results later.


It turns out, there is no 100 m speedskating sprint. Why are you people asking me this then? I think it is a shame and it really should be an Olympic sport. I've contacted the Italian embassy here in America, and I have it on good word that it may be introduced in these Olympics in Tehran. Unfortunately no skaters have trained for this distance, which may cause some concerns.

Friday, February 10, 2006

True Statements

In my quest to find the truest statement, I've decided it would be good to write down a list of statements which are most likely true. I will add to this list as I come up with them, on the condition that the next statement is truer than the last. I admit, it will be tough to follow 1 with a truer statement.

1. You never see a sad face on the dance floor
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